Friday, 7 December 2012

Black Market Reloaded

So silk road seems to be the originator or illicit sales of the net but this bit called Black Market Reloaded is quickly catching up. I believe this is happening because in August 2012 Silk Road took its armory section off its site for many different reasons leaving Black Market Reloaded with all the sales from the armory mainly to themselves, almost like a monopoly. This site like silk road is for people who can't find the subsistence they are looking for around there home town or are a bit paranoid to buy face to face and also a person can set up a sales account and become an internet business man . The Black Market runs off of bitcoins so for those who don't know what they are then read some of my prior posts. Like the Silk Road the Black Market also uses an escrow system and a rating system to help keep customers buy and selling as safe as possible. To actually make it to the black market reloaded like silk road you can't actually use the regular internet, its more of a place called the deep net in the cyber world or The Onion Router known as TOR. As says "What is Tor? Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security known as traffic analysis." You download TOR at but you should always read up on using it just for the finer print about getting the best use out of it. It is always bit slow then say Firefox because you are bouncing your I.P address all over the world so you can't be traced. So now with an untraceable browser called TOR and untraceable amount of money called Bitcoins held in our wallet at . We move forward to getting a email address so that you can have unmonitored email conversations with the patrons that a person could be in contact with that you wouldn't want prying eyes secretly monitoring. So after you being using TOR browser things begin to change a little, such as urls are now .onion instead of .com.  So you install The Onion Router (TOR) step my step and then open it up, to open Black Market Reloaded  you use this url http://5onwnspjvuk7cwvk.onion/help/index.php?p=registration but you will have to copy and paste it into your TOR URL bar.  After you get to the black market you will have to sign up before you can sign in but it is a very easy process.. WARNING!!!!!! Remember your withdraw pin or your advance pin, it takes 3 days to get it reset it you forget it.  Now enjoy your underground adult playground :D

!UPDATE- SCAM ALERT: So I have recently noticed that alot of people in the black market forum saying that they are getting scammed in the weapon section and then I myself was scammed in the weapon section so buyer beware. The persons user name that scammed me is Jitters so stay away from buying from him.
He finally msged me back after 15 msgs to him, the last msg I sent him was are you going to at least reimburse me anything and he replied with a simple no. When I was making the order from him he even made a custom buy page for me and then took a picture with the product with my name beside it. So the scammers will go far to trick you.

Update 2.0- Finally got my first order after waiting a month and it was silver from bullionkillsbanksters, so double thumbs up to him. Comment if you have any stories about blackmarket reloaded


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  2. how do i add money on bmr reloaded please i dont under stand how this works i want to buy something

    1. Sorry for not replying to you sooner, have you bought bitcoins yet? you can't use regular money. After you do that then from your bitcoin wallet you will find an option for transferring funds. Open that open, look at your BMR account info and click on add funds, you will then see a long sequence of letters and numbers that are your account number for BMR. You then copy your bmr account info paste it into your Bitcoin wallet funds transfer section and then hit send, sometimes it can take an hour to 5 hours for the transfer to go through, my suggestion is that if you can buy this product on silk road then go and buy it there and if it is a weapon don't bother 80% or weapon sales are scams

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