Thursday, 27 December 2012

Free home phone, WHAT!!! Yep, 100% free

    (Skip the second paragraph for free phone details)So the age of the internet has come to the point now that if you can think it up the internet has already got it. I was sitting at home the other day texting away on my cell phone and realized that I had to call the power company. For anyone who has called the power company before you know that it can be 5 minutes or 5 hours that you have to wait to get service and I didn't want to waste my day time minutes. It got me thinking about an infomercial I saw for a thing called "magic jack"( ) that lets you make calls from your computer for 30$ a year and thought well if I can get free movies that others pay for then I bet I can get a free phone that others pay for.

   Google did it again, they allow you to make free local calls from your computers and all you need to do it is two things, a gmail account ( and then download icall (to download icall you look at the left side of your gmail account main page, under where it says inbox it will say drafts and directly under neither that is a little picture of a phone. click on that phone and it will take you through the process to download icall). So you will need a microphone but most laptop computers have them build in but if not you can pick them up very cheap at local stores. So now you are all set, all ready to make your free local calls, sometimes the system glitches after a couple months of using it and it won't let you call any more so you can just have to uninstall icall through control panel, open another gmail account and then do the process over again but compared to phone costs now a days it is definitely worth doing it. Enjoy your free callings my friends.


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